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Bison sausage slices 100 g
  • Bison sausage slices 100 g

Bison sausage slices 100 g

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Informations produit :

Bison sausage is a cold meat made from bison meat, chopped and stuffed into a natural casing. It differs from traditional sausage by its lean red meat rich in protein, iron, vitamin B12 and omega 3.

The production of bison sausage generally follows the following steps:

Mincing the meat: The bison meat is minced with pork fat (around 20%) and spices according to the butcher's recipe.

Embossing: The mixture is then embossed into a natural pork or beef casing.

Drying: The sausage is dried in dryers for several weeks, which concentrates the flavors and refines the texture.

Refining: The sausage can then be matured for several months, which gives it an even more pronounced flavor.

Bison sausage is generally enjoyed as an aperitif, thinly sliced ​​and accompanied by fresh bread, pickles and a glass of red wine. It can also be used in recipes for mixed salads, pies or quiches.

Here is some additional information about bison sausage:

Flavor: Bison sausage has a savory, slightly wild taste, with notes of spices and herbs. It is often described as being tastier than pork sausage.

Texture: Bison sausage is firm and chewy, with a slight chew.

Nutritional value: Bison sausage is a source of protein, iron, vitamin B12 and omega 3. It is also leaner than pork sausage, with less saturated fat.

If you want to discover new flavors and try an original charcuterie product, bison sausage is an excellent option. You will find it in delicatessens, specialized butchers and in certain organic stores.